LSx Oil Pan Spacer

When building our 479 ci LSx tall deck engine for our GTO shop car we found the need to space the oil pan down to clear the big 4.350 stroke crank. Since there are no fabricated oil pans available plus they are expensive, we decided to design a 3/8" oil pan spacer to allow the oil pan to sit lower so that the big stroke crank has room to spin. Our LSx oil pan spacers will bolt up to any LS series block and are 3/8" thick. You will need 1/2 longer oil pan bolts to use the spacer since you have to add an oil pan gasket for sealing. We are working on a hardware kit but it isnt available yet. The Gforce LSx oil pan spacers are cnc machined from 6061 sluminum to ensure a perfect fit.

LSx oil pan spacer
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  • Item #: LSx Oil Pan Spacer
  • Manufacturer: Gforce Engineering
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