Gen-1 CTS-V 9" IRS KIT


That's right, Gforce Engineering now backs our axles with a Lifetime warranty.
We are so confident in our products and the fact that we very rarely get anything back for warranty that we decided to go to a Lifetime warranty. The Lifetime warranty is for the original purchaser of the product, if the product is transferred to another owner then it reverts back to a 2 year warranty from date of original purchase.

Gforce Engineering is proud to introduce the bolt in 9" fabricated IRS rear.

The Gforce Engineering 9" IRS kit replaces everything from the transmission back with our heavy duty components.
Our bolt in 9" IRS eliminates all the flex, noise and clunking (and weak parts) found with the OEM rear plus you get a piece of mind knowing that your riding with the strongest rear you can get for your ride.

Our 9" IRS is rated for 1500+hp and is the only 9" IRS that is offered with a 35 spline inner axle stubs on the market.
In fact, our 9" kit comes standard with 35 spline stubs. You can choose the smaller 31 spline stubs in the options for a lower price pumpkin option.
The Strange 35 Spline S-Trac posi comes with a Lifetime warranty so by going with this option your covered by lifetime warranties all around.

Our 9" axle shafts are made from a billet high alloy aerospace material that is very similar to 300m but stronger. 

In our material analysis testing we found our material to have a higher tensile
strength then 300m making it stronger then any 300m axle.

We rate these axles to 1500+ HP based on what customers have realistically put down to
the tires using them.

Our 9" kits come standard with our 31 spline axles and severe duty 31 spline cv joints.
We custom designed our 31 spline axles and 31 spline severe duty cv joints to be the strongest axles on the market.

Here are our 31 spline cv stars compared to standard 28 and 30 spline cv stars.
(28 spline on the left, 30 spline in the middle and our 31 spline on the right.)


And here are stock axles, 28 spline, 30 spline and our 31 spline

This is another reason Gforce axles carry a Lifetime Warranty.

Our 9" IRS is fully fabricated in house on our state of the art cnc fabrication equipment.
All the components are laser cut, bent on a cnc press brake and tig welded.

Our 9" kits come without the pumpkin, we can supply your pumpkin from Strange or Moser if needed.
We recommend going with the Strange Pro Iron pumpkin with the 31 spline Eaton Truetrac or the new 35 spline Strange S-Trac. Another great option is the Moser case and 35 spline Wavetrac.
You can add a pumpkin below in the options.

On the CTS-V there is a cradle mod that is required to clear the larger cv joints, once this is done, our fabricated 9" bolts right in with the Strange Pro-Iron pumpkin. If you like to see what is involved in the cradle mod, then give us a call or email and we can send you the instructions.

**Pricing does not include shipping. Shipping varies greatly depending on what options you choose, please contact us for shipping costs.

The 9" kit comes complete with:

* - Fabricated 9" housing that bolts up to the factory locations
* - Heavy duty front mount with BMR bushing
* - 35 spline high alloy billet steel inner axle stubs (or 31 spline)
* - 1500+hp 31 Spline high alloy billet steel Anti Wheel-hop axles with our severe duty cv 31 spline joints
* - High alloy billet steel outer axle stubs
* - 1 piece or 2 piece PST or Dynotech driveshaft depending on application (Aluminum, Carbon fiber or Chrome-Alloy)

There are several options available so give us a call if you have any questions.

Optional Carbon Fiber driveshaft shown

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